Secular-Based and Trauma-Informed Mindfulness filled Yoga classes
For Children, Teens, and Adults

The Mindful Yoga Program is based on Little Flower Yoga's evidence-based, trauma-informed methodology, a program designed to help you become the best version of your self,  teaching life skills that can help to navigate life's challenges now and for years to come.  LFY's proven curriculum challenges individuals to learn in new ways, making connections, and recognizing their tremendous capacity to achieve.

Visit LittleFlowerYoga.com to learn more about the curriculum, research, resources and more.

School Bus


Relax and Renew

9-week curriculum-based secular program based in LYF’s 5-Elements:  Connect, Breathe, Move, Focus, and Relax

Programs starting in Sept/Oct, January, or April

Pre-K through High School Programs

-during of after-school programs available

$145 per hour on site-1 hour minimum to run program and includes a Staff Orientation class 

Each hour can be used for one 55-minute class or two 25-minute classes.  Additional half-hours may be added at a rate of $70

Raising Hands


Add-on to your 9-week
School Mindful Yoga Program

Mentor with Marianne Skye to learn how to implement secular-based Mindful Yoga in your classroom.

-90-minute All-Staff Training
-Weekly classroom observation and assessment
-Problem finding and brainstorming solutions to common classroom issues
-Recommendations for classroom implementation/changes
-Coaching and mentorship for classroom team
-Access to Little Flower Yoga Resources
9 Weeks $850

Kids doing Yoga.jpg



Customized to meet your goals and needs

-cultivate skills to stay cool, calm, and collected 

-practice ways to become more focused that are fun

-keep strong and flexible both in body and mind

-ideal for outside-the-box thinkers

-families welcome

Private Session           

$100/hour at Blue Pearl Studio   

$125 At Your Location

Small Group or Family Classes:  Up to 6 People-Friends and Family

$100 per class at Blue Pearl Studio   

$125 At Your Location

Young woman sitting on chair and meditat


Adult Classes

Catch your breath, gently stretch and strengthen, and take a break from the busy-ness of your mind in this chair-based movement and mindfulness class.  Our curriculum is secular and trauma-informed.  Designed with different body types in mind, variations are included so all may participate at their own pace.  Movement exercises are done seated in a chair and standing, using the chair as a support.  Relaxation and breathing techniques help to settle the mind and body, so you can be the best version of yourself, in class and in your day-to-day life.

$100 per class at Blue Pearl Studio   

$125 At Your Location

Conference Meeting



Presentations, workshops, and trainings are available and can include a focus on any aspect of Mindful Yoga progamming that is beneficial for your group.  Please contact Marianne so your event can be tailored to fit your organizations' needs and goals.

A Speaking Engagement or Presentation at your location includes:

-Interactive presentation tailored to your organizations needs and goals

-An experienced Yoga Alliance Instructor certified in the LFY Methodology 

-Any mats/props/sound system with music if applicable

-Any hand-outs, worksheets, etc., if applicable

Content of presentations/workshops/trainings will be tailored to your organizations' goals, and can include a focus on any aspect of Mindful Yoga progamming.

Base Rate:    $225 per hour

Hands Together


Basics of mindful breathwork, movement, and stillness practices

Designed for those working in coaching, mentoring, scouting, teaching, this training offers the basic fundamentals of mind/body tools to use with groups of all types.  

Please contact Marianne to discuss your groups dynamics to see if this is a good fit for you and the people you serve.